Are you a Mum in desperate need of;

• Some U Time – Time to relax and unwind from all the stresses of the day and feel like you again?

• Someone to talk to about your personal problems or parenting issues?

• Some unbiased parenting advice and support?

• Some Mum Magic to help reconnect and understand your unique child, and improve life at home through Confident, Proactive, Present Parenting Methods?

• Routine – Help in establishing a tried and tested daily routine, that includes YOU Time, as well as the usual eating, sleeping, activity routines?

• Motivation or Coaching to get back into the work place, or to find a new career or start up a new business?

• Nutritional advice and Support to help with Weight Maintenance / Weight Loss, or simply cooking the children tea?

• Relationship Revival, or a boost to help find love again after being single?

• A lift in increasing Self-confidence, Self-image or Self-esteem?

Then Mumatherapy℠ may be just what you need right now?

Mumatherapy℠ combines Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Counselling to help put you confidently back in control.

As a Mum, Therapist and Registered Childminder for over sixteen years, I know the daily parenting issues all Mum’s face.

That’s why I created the U URSELF Routine℠

A routine I personally used with my own two children with great success, and one many parents I have worked with over the years have too.

U URSELF℠ is a mnemonic for You Yourself or U URSELF;

U- U Time

U- Us Time

R- Recreation

S- Sleep

E- Esteem

L- Love

F- Food

It’s a routine that puts you in control, without being a controlling parent.

If you are interested in booking a private one on one sessions with me, or in hiring me to speak at an event, please get in touch?

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